12 Nov, 2019

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Melissa Phillips's Story

I knew for a while that I was gaining weight but in hindsight I was in a bit of denial. I started ICE training in March an whilst I was getting fitter (just) I knew I had to give my diet an overhaul. I saw the nutrition challenge and I reluctantly got on board. The challenge was pretty hard at first, living in Port Melbourne it was just too easy to eat out and not really plan for every single meal. I don't think I really acknowledged the damage food was doing to my body. The thing I enjoyed most about the challenge was learning about exactly what food I needed. It wasn't a fad diet that told me everything I needed to eat at every meal. It gave me flexibility and education all in one. The past 12 weeks have been great at times and a real struggle at others, until I started to build consistent habits. I lost 10kgs and as you can see from the pictures my body has changed significantly. I still have a long way to go to really understand the program and make my meals more compliant but it's definitely a great start. Thanks so much Dave (and the team) for kickstarting me to a healthier life!

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