11 Jan, 2016

10 Tips To Get Your New Years Resolutions Back On Track!

David Richards

Setting a New Year's resolution to become fitter, healthier and leaner than the year before is easy.  But actually sticking to a plan and achieving some kind of measured success is a lot harder than most people realise. 

A recent study in 2015 showed that the most popular new years resolution last year was to lose weight.  This same study also showed that a mere 8% of those people who set this new years resolution to lose weight were successful in achieving their resolution.

So why do people find it so hard to lose weight?  Some reasons people might find it hard is because they :

- Launch into an unsustainable eating / training program.

- Increase their training volume and decrease their nutritional intake.

- Set unrealistic targets and are impatient about how long results might take.

If you are one of these people who set themselves a new years resolution of losing weight, getting fit, shaping up and are finding it hard going over the first couple of weeks in the new year then here are 10 steps that you can implement straight away to help get your new years resolution of losing weight back on track and achieve some great results.

1) Zero Calorie Drink Challenge - Eliminate all soft drinks, fruit juices, alcohol and beverages that contain unnecessary calories and focus on drinks that contain zero calories such as water and different flavoured teas.  

2) Set small, realistic, and measurable short term goals to keep yourself motivated and focused right now.   AND WRITE THEM DOWN!

3) Tell family, friends, colleagues that are close to you about your goals.  It makes you feel more accountable and hopefully they will be able to offer you some support and encouragement along the way.

4) Start your day with a meal rich in protein.  It will help increase satiety, hormonal function and reduce hunger throughout the day far better than a bowl of cereal ever would.

5) Eat, small, frequent meals.  Aim for 5-6 per day and try and make sure you always have a protein source present.

6) Get yourself a training buddy, personal trainer or join a local training group to keep yourself motivated and surrounded by people with similar goals to yourself and support each other.

7) Lift them weights!  If you want a roaring metabolism that is efficiently burning calories 24/7 you have to lift weights.  In fact your ability to build & maintain muscle is the single most important factor in keeping your metabolism firing on all cylinders.

8) Instead of going for a 30-40 minute long, steady run, perform a 20-30 minute interval running session where you run at a series of different speeds, inclines and times.  The more variation, the better.

9) Get rid of all temptation foods from the house and office.  Chocolates, biscuits, cakes, etc.  Let's be honest, sooner or later they will be eaten.

10) Speak to a professional that can help show you how to make food work for you and help you safely and efficiently achieve the results that you are after.  

At BossFit Australia, we don't provide stock standard meal plans because we know that people have different needs, tastes, goals and requirements.  We provide a science based and research proven Nutrition Coaching Service that teaches people how to make real food work for them, at any time and in any situation.  Once you understand the concept of how to eat with Metabolic Precision, you will be able to double your results from exercise and learn how to shed unwanted body fat & transform your body without sacrificing the way your body feels and functions.  There is no need to starve yourself or over-train in the pursuit of achieving your new years resolutions, you deserve so much more than that!


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