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Zoe Deeker's Story

"By combining the MP nutrition coaching with three days FIRE training per week, I feel I have established a sustainable way of getting and maintaining results. Prior to starting MP nutrition coaching, I had been counting and restricting calories, feeling tired and obsessive about what I ate. Using the MP nutrition approach, I am eating more than I have in years while still losing centimetres, and getting off the hamster wheel of feeling either hungry or too full. I was initally worried that I would struggle as a vegetarian, but have found it still workable on a vegetarian diet. Dave's approach to my FIRE training has vastly improved my technique, so I also feel fitter, more energetic and have far less niggling injuries."
With a sustained approach to eating with Metabolic Precision in a vegetarian diet, 3x FIRE & 2x ICE sessions per week, Zoe managed to drop a total of 23cm in girth measurements and 6cm off her waist over her first 12 week program.

Zoe did not miss a beat through her entire 14 week program and did not miss one training session.  Her dedication to herself,  her training program and nutrition was really refreshing to watch and I am super proud of everything she has achieved so far.  Motivated to make some real changes in this program, Zoe decided to see what she could achieve by giving up alcohol for 12 weeks.  I believe this helped her dramatically increase energy levels aswell as drop the cms in girth measurements that she did.  Half way through Zoe's program we actually reduced her training load, giving her more rest and systematically increased vegetable intake, which ensured her energy levels stayed high and the centimeters started dropping even more as a result! Taking time out of her weekly training routine and adding it back into her sleep time was a unique strategy that paid big dividends by the end of her 12 weeks. Sometimes people do overtrain and under-eat without realising the damage that it can do to their body and results.  Remember that sometimes... more training might NOT be the answer your body is looking for.  


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