15 May, 2015

ICE On Holidays...

David Richards

Intense Cardio Exercise that is... ;)

Some really common questions I always get from clients include...

"How can I do my own ICE training when I am on holidays?"

"What do I do if my trainer is away and I want to do my own ICE training?"

"If I miss a training session and want to go and do my own ICE training session, what should I do?"

First of all, let's be very clear on exactly what ICE training is.

The cornerstone of I.C.E. - Intense Cardio Exercise training is structuring high intensity intervals into your training session. Intensity levels are relative to the individual which makes it suitable for almost all fitness levels and abilities. In fact, research has proven that 20 minutes of structured bursts of maximum effort workloads can burn up to three times the amount of fat compared to regular steady state cardio lasting up to 40 minutes!  

Focus on intensity, not duration.  Your I.C.E. training session should typically last between 20-40 minutes, that is all.  If you reach the 30-40 minute mark and feel that you could keep going, then your intensity bursts were not high enough.

You do not even need any equipment to run your own I.C.E. training session.  Use your surroundings to set up your own workouts such as hills, playgrounds, sand, playing fields and/or ovals.  Challenge yourself, and practice activities you are not good at - you will burn more calories.

Make it even more fun by grabbing a buddy to join you and take it in turns of selecting different activities to perform at varied high intensity work intervals... Or find the biggest hill in your area and race your buddy to the top of it like Benjie and I did when in Brisbane for a training course a few months ago...  Like I said, get creative and use your surroundings.

Running is always an obvious choice for a lot of people when on holidays and trying to make up their own I.C.E. training session but do not stick to the same pace on the same flat track for as long as you can.  That's just boring.  Mix it up, run varied distances, speeds, inclines and terrain.

A favourite ICE workout of mine for someone who can safely run is this: (after a gentle stretch and warm up of course...)

Easy jog 5mins (60% intensity)

Walk 1min

Fast jog 4mins (70% intensity)

Walk 1min

Run 3mins (80% intensity)

Walk 1min 

Fast run 2mins (90% intensity)

Walk 1min

Sprint 1min (95-100% intensity)

Walk 1min 

Throughout this running circuit above you are looking for any unique training opportunities you can throw into the mix that you may come along such as hills, sand running, grass running, etc.

This running series above will take you only 18minutes... And if you remain true to the intensity levels then you may decide that this is enough. However... you may also choose to add a little more to this format?

- Try adding 2 more 100% sprints at the end with a 1minute rest in between of course.  This extra 3 mins will be sure to push you well out of your comfort zone and finish off your I.C.E. training session with a BANG!

- Choose a basic bodyweight exercise of your choice to perform after each 1min rest for a total of 1minute... Choose from squats, lunges, pushups, dips or a plank.

- Choose an advanced bodyweight exercise (if appropriate) of your choice to perform after each 1 min rest for a total of 1minute... Choose from jump squats, jumping lunges, burpees, chin-ups or mountain climbers.

The bottom line is, get creative, challenge yourself, use your surroundings, practice exercises and movements you are not necessarily good at and push yourself out of your comfort zone!  You should not be able to hold a conversation with your buddy during most of this workout and look a little like this pic below at the end of your session.  Your stretching and cool down period at the end is your chance to chat, gossip and catch up with your buddy. :)

If you want some more ideas on different bodyweight exercises you can throw into your I.C.E. training workouts then make sure you check out MP's Director of Science and Education, Michelle Adams great Workout Of The Week "ICE CUBES".

And if you are not a current BossFit member, in the Port Melbourne area and want to try out some of our awesome I.C.E. training sessions then come down and join us for your ONE WEEK FREE TRIAL!! We have heaps of kettlebells, battle ropes, deadballs, resistance bands, TRX trainers and boxing sessions that will always provide you with heaps of fun and varied workouts that will take your fitness and fat loss training to the next level!


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