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Susan Nichols's Story

This metabolic precision nutrition program has changed my life! I'm so happy with the results. The meals are quick and easy to make (and cost efficient!). I love the thorough education all the way through. Understanding exactly what, when and how to eat has made it much easier to achieve results I never thought possible. I lead a ridiculously busy lifestyle and once I got the habits in place it has made my life so much easier to manage. I've now got lots of energy to train and working a physical job as a myotherapist, this program has given me the stamina to work long hours. I have much more mental clarity now that I am giving my body the proper nutrition it needs everyday.
Susan has successfully completed the MP Online Nutrition Program over the last 3 months in conjunction with 3 ICE Group Training sessions per week. Over the second half of her program she began regularly hitting 80%+ nutritionally compliant weeks and her energy levels and results went through the roof! *

When Susan began her program in May 2017 she was actually feeling quite sick, exhausted and overworked.   An extremely busy work life was wearing her down and she knew that something had to change.  She took on the MP Online Nutrition Program in the hope that she could educate herself about a better way to fuel her body to gain the energy required to support such a busy lifestyle.  Susan always asked lots of questions throughout her program when she was unsure about something which was instrumental to her gaining a really confident grip of the program.  She soon started developing new nutritional habits that began changing her life and consistency began to follow.  By the end of her program Susan's energy levels were flying, she was feeling healthier than ever and starting to show some great body shape changes from her 3x ICE sessions per week!  Great work Susan!!!

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


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