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Sean Dillon's Story

I have really enjoyed the program. The physical transformation has been really impressive, but it is the mental/wellbeing transformation that has really impressed. More energy throughout the day & more effective sleep means I am achieving more during my day and reducing my overall stress levels which makes me a better person to be around at home & office. Thanks again, Sean."
Back pain gone, posture significantly improved, more overall muscle, increased energy, and all of this from only 1 FIRE session + 3-4 ICE training sessions per week! *

A busy accountant working long hours and lots of overtime does all sorts of horrible things to a person's posture and contributes to a range of painful issues such as sore backs and tight shoulders from prolonged periods of sitting down week in, week out.  Working with a lot of corporate organisations over the years it is unfortunately very common to see a lot of the same postural issues happening to people in the busy corporate world. 

After following a personalised FIRE program designed to strengthen his back, core musculature and posture Sean can now still work these crazy hours... But without the pain that he was previously suffering.  Hopefully the work load will not always be so high... But in the world we live in today sometimes working long hours cannot be helped. It is important to remember to be aware of what these long working hours and extended periods of sitting down are doing to your body and how you can reduce the long term impact on your health and posture.  Everybody should be able to live a pain free life but you need to put some serious effort into the right type of training and what your body needs before you breakdown. 

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


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