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Mardi Ramponi's Story

Transformation is a word that when applied to ourselves can seem overwhelming and insurmountable. My reason for undertaking the MP nutritional journey along with FIRE and ICE was about changing my outlook both on myself and the value of food in my everyday life. With David's support, in the last 12 weeks, I have learnt that eating more coupled with the right exercises have seen me change my outlook on what I see in the mirror to one of pride and understand the value of thinking about what I put in my body. Without the BossFit challenge I wouldn't be where I am today - which is wanting to learn more about the right nutrition and challenging my body on what it can do, for me and future generations.
2017 has been a huge year for Mardi and her health journey so far. Having shed a whopping 8.5cm off her waist measurements in her most recent 12 week challenge, it is her confidence in training and consistency in nutritional compliance that is really showing through recently. These are the key ingredients to long lasting results and keeping them. Her body shape changes recently achieved have been truly amazing and I cannot wait to see what else she can achieve in the final 4 months of this year. Stay tuned... *

Since Mardi graduated from ICE Group Training to our FIRE training program she has literally been going from strength to strength.  At the beginning of her recent FIRE program she set herself the challenge of achieving a 100kg+ barbell hip thrust which we agreed was achievable for her in this program and a realistic goal aligned with her goals of increasing hip and core strength.  Starting at 50kg she easily achieved a 100kg lift 6 times in week 10 of her program which was an outstanding effort.  Not only have we noticed dramatic changes in her body shape and confidence but she has developed into a vital part of our Group FIRE program with her ability to encourage, motivate and support her teammates that are lucky enough to train with her.  Now that she has also built her knowledge of how to fuel her body over the last 12 weeks, Mardi is now far better equipped to train at a high intensity and support her body with the exact fuel her body requires.  Thank you for being the all round superstar that you are and I look forward to turning up the heat in our final FIRE program & Transformation Challenge of 2017!

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person


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