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Leah Paterson's Story

"Over the last few months Dave and Metabolic Precision has really changed my life. I never realised that changing my diet like this could make such a difference. The MP program has been amazing and I would definitely recommend it to anyone. I am continuing with the eating plan easily after my first program and look forward to more tough Fire and Ice sessions with Dave in the future."
Leah lost 4.8kg of unwanted weight in 12 weeks and showed significant reduction in girth measurements including 11cm lost from the waist and 7cm off the hips. *

Overall Leah achieved one of the most amazing life changing transformations I have seen from her first Re-program by building lean muscle tone with a combination of FIRE sessions with her trainer and burning fat with her own ICE training sessions on her road bike.  

At the start of the program she was feeling stressed out at work and struggling to find time to take care of her own health and exercise.  Leah found her "why" and decided that she wanted to change things for the better.  Not only did she achieve impressive physical changes from her 12 week training program but she completely turned her life upside down at the end of this program.  

So inspired by her own body transformation Leah went on to become a personal trainer herself, quit her 9-5 day job and become a certified Metabolic Level 1 Nutritionist with Metabolic Precision so that she could help others achieve what she had.  Now that is a life changing experience! Congratulations Leah!

* Disclaimer: Results may vary from person to person

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